Cost and duration

Systemic therapy, and couples therapy are not yet financially supported by German health insurance funds despite its high effectiveness.

That's a pity, and yet there are advantages:

  • Short-term start of therapy
  • No long waiting times for a therapy programme
  • The number and frequency of sessions are determined by the client and the therapist
  • The health insurance fund does not receive any sensitive data that could affect the conclusion of private health or supplementary insurance.


Systemic counseling of individuals

Should we decide to continue working, a session will cost 80 Euro for a duration of 60 minutes.

The number of sessions can vary depending on your needs and the problem. Some topics can be handled very well in 4 - 10 sessions. For others, 10 to 20 sessions are needed. The intervals between the conversations are determined by you. Sessions can take place weekly, or fortnightly, but also monthly, if desired.

For appointments starting after 7pm, I charge an extra 10 percent on top of the regular meeting fee.


Couples therapy and counselling

For therapy sessions with couples, I schedule 90 minutes and charge 110 Euro.

You can determine the intervals for a couple therapy yourself. It can be helpful to have weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even 6-week interval sessions. In general, you can count on up to 10 session in total.

For appointments starting after 7pm, I charge an extra 10 percent on top of the meeting fee.

Online counselling / coaching

In addition to my practice sessions, I also offer systemic online counselling via RED medical. For this, I schedule 60 minutes and the cost per session is 80 Euro.

Analogous to the advice in my practice, concerns can be solved well in just a few sessions. For some topics, however, it can take a little more time.

The 48-hour rule applies

The agreed dates are reserved exclusively for you, will not be booked for potential alternative clients, and therefore fully charged; in case you do not cancel the appointment at least 48 hours before.